A day with Linda Le Kinff.
Linda Le Kinff invites us to in her parisian workshop.

Music at Versailles Carrousel du Louvre

The exhibition on Versailles contains 50 original works in 80 f to 120 f only on linen.
The exhibition was planned at the origin at Versailles for 300 eme birthday(anniversary) of King Louis XIV.

Show at Galerie Latour.

Painting on canevas 162cmx130cm

Conference show at :La Sorbonne Paris, january the 21th 2015.

Implied reference to Charlie  : Nerds to illustrate the conference subject :
Scalable learning in Europe:
Moocs, Smoocs and communities of practise

Tags/teasers Fun,AUF

Organisation :
Madame Claudine Muhlstein-Joliette
Madame. Divina Frau-Meigs

SNBA show

11/12/2014 au 14/12/2014

Caroussel du Louvre